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amBUSHed!!! NEW YORK - Writer-Director, Cesar Morales sets to roll cameras on live action directorial debut in dark comedy, currently titled FETISH BOY, a short story written by Morales. The film is being produced by Morales' Cine Creature Productions with Aveneaux Films. "When I read the short story I couldn't stop lauging it was something I had to be part of" says co-producer Gustavo Stebner.


Cesar Moralez NEW YORK - Gustavo Stebner announces script for RAZOR PUNK SOCCER. The film is based on a true story of socccer player, Carlos Martinez who's team, The Razor Punks, were expelled from the San Antonio Soccer Association because of discrimination and envy but later would find retribution. Stebner and Cesar Morales are currently penning the script for 2004 shoot.


Rolando Medina SAN ANTONIO - Magician Rolando Medina is featured in this news story: Optical Illusion Note: Link will open in new window.

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